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Montana Harvest of the Month Early Care and Education Registration

  • The Montana Harvest of the Month program is open to ECE programs in Montana. Please coordinate with your Harvest of the Month team at your school, daycare, or ECE program to avoid duplicate registrations. A team is crucial for a successful implementation of the Harvest of the Month program and creates valuable connections within the ECE program and community. If you have not approached all the required members of your Harvest of the Month team (administrator, director, cook/food service, and teacher) you may still register. Please be in touch with your team members as soon as possible. Anyone listed as a team member with contact information will receive monthly email Harvest of the Month updates. This will help remind your team of available resources and updates. You can register multiple program sites at the same time with this form. You will list each of the participating program sites. This registration form collects one set of team members. If you wish to have different team members listed for each site, please complete a separate registration form per site. These individual school/program teams might have overlapping team members such as food service staff or administrator. Prior to registering, you can learn the basics of Montana Harvest of the Month program with the handouts, short videos, and trainings posted on the site.
  • One packet will be provided for each participating program site. For example, a program that is registering three pre-schools and one daycare program can receive four packets. Additional posters are available for purchase at Montana State University Extension's publication store. Materials will be mailed to the address in this registration form (please use a school address, not a personal address).

  • Molly Kirkham: Montana Local Foods Program Specialist, National Center for Appropriate Technology
  • (406) 494-8672

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  • If you have not approached all the required members of your Harvest of the Month team you may still register. Any team members listed will receive HOM communications.
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  • By registering your team is pledging to all the expectations listed above. Please check all boxes. If your program struggles with any of these expectations our team is here to help! Remember, starting small and conducting quick activities such as reading the item's fun facts each month in a classroom is a great start!

  • Abundant MT Directory HOM MAP

  • All HOM sites will be listed on the Abundant Montana directory, hosted by the Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO). To help food producers and businesses connect with your program, we wish to include your contact information. Do you agree to have contact information listed on this map?


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