Questions regarding the ECE, Healthcare, or Producer Harvest of the Month Program contact:

Molly Kirkham, Montana Local Foods Program Specialist


(406) 494-8672

Questions regarding the K-12 School Harvest of the Month Program contact:

Aubree Roth, Montana Farm to School Coordinator

Montana Team Nutrition Program

(406) 994-5996

Questions regarding the Business and Community Harvest of the Month Program contact:

Maura Henn, Community Food System Specialist


(406) 723-7579

If you are building your team and need more information and resources, check out the Getting Started page for handouts and additional information you can share before registering. Once registered, your site will have access to all of the materials, resources, and guides in electronic format and will be mailed your packet.

Check out the new Montana Harvest of the Month Best Practices Guide that examines the successes and challenges of the programs as well as a comparison with other states’ harvest of the month programs.