Hello friends! Wednesday, September 27, 2023, is WEAR ORANGE WEDNESDAY! Please help spread the word!

WOW has two goals:

  1. Bringing awareness to the fact that childhood hunger exists in Montana; and
  2. Highlighting your great work to help end childhood hunger in the state!

To accomplish these goals,

  1. Please print out the WOW sign, fill in your community’s name, and write in what you and/or your organization is doing to help end childhood hunger in your community.*
  2. Then, take a picture of yourself (and your coworkers if applicable) with your sign while wearing something orange.
  3. On Wednesday, 9/27/23, post your picture to your social media with the hashtag #WEARORANGEWEDNESDAY  

Thank you for supporting Montana’s kids and The Montana Partnership to End Childhood Hunger! We appreciate all you do!


*Ideas to get you thinking include:

  • Connecting Montana kids to healthy food
  • Creating and maintaining school gardens
  • Connecting schools and local producers
  • Providing cooking lessons for kids
  • Working with schools to menu and cook local foods
  • Helping schools and local producers connect
  • Creating more sustainable food systems
  • Helping kids learn about fresh, nutritious food
  • Producing food for my local community
  • Helping provide meals at my church
  • Donating funds
  • Teaching nutrition classes for kids
  • And so many, many more!